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sempre|flute high quality, handmade instrument care 

The conception of sempre|flute cloths was cultivated over the course of many, many months testing various materials, stitch patterns, hem designs, and product sizing until finely narrowed down to the products available today. The color palette and patterns chosen are carefully selected to exemplify modern elegance and artistry for musicians that require practicality. They are also created in a sustainable and ethical manner. Hence, each and every sempre|flute cloth is individually handmade by myself, and all packaging materials are USA recyclable. No mass producing. No exploitation of any persons. 


The feel of the fabric, crisp and elegant, was my driving motivation to create something for musicians that not only was necessary and practical, but something that is inspirational, something that would make someone feel professional, accomplished, and confident in any musical setting.

Sempre|flute takes inspiration from luxury fashion and products. The material quality, the feel of the fabric, the entire sensory experience of wearing something so luxurious, influenced our product creation. 

It's a common experience that when you wear a nice suit or an elegant pair of shoes that you exude more confidence. And after product testing through professional musicians, they all confirmed that not only were sempre|flute products extremely practical but also of extraordinary quality. Whether it's taking an audition, a lesson with a prospective teacher, a high-profile concert, an intimate chamber setting, whatever the circumstances, anything to boost morale in high-pressure situations is a worthy cause. That is one of the most important aspects of sempre|flute



Elizabeth LaCoste

Creator of sempre|flute